If you stop to think what our water is exposed to before it comes out of your tap, you probably wouldn’t drink it.

Understanding the water cycle Water dissolves most substances it comes in contact with. As rain falls, it collects airborne industrial pollution and small amount of farm fertiliser goes into our reservoirs.

Our water is then piped to treatment plants where chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia are injected into our domestic water by local authorities to counter the many forms of bacteria and toxins that develop. These chemicals give our domestic water a slight odour. This chemically processed water is delivered to our households pipe.

The reality is, there’s very little we can do to solve the overall problem of pollutants in our household water. We can reduce these issues by filtering our water.

The Benefits

  • Protects your family from water borne bacteria.
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle & well being.
  • Reduces common water quality issues- sediment, dirt, rust, cyst, taste & odour.
  • Improve the taste and quality of water for drinking and cooking.
  • Protect household appliances

Water & Your Health

Adults require approximately 2 litres of water every day. Higher levels of activity amongst children requires almost as much.
This might seem like a lot of water, but body uses water for most of its major functions:

  • Maintaining optimum body temperature
  • Converting food to into energy
  • Building tissue
  • Circulating nutrients and lubricants

Ensure your family receives 6-8 glasses of water everyday. Your body needs a great deal of water to operate at its peak.

Why Aqua Blue H20 Water Filters?

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“Enjoy cleaner, clearer, better tasting water with Aqua Blue H20 water filters.”

  • No refrigerator or cabinet space is wasted
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  • There isn’t glue inside the water filter
  •  No spills and No tools required