ZIP GlobalPlus Generic Replacement Water Filter 91291 / ZIP912

ZIP GlobalPlus Generic Replacement Water Filter 91291 / ZIP912

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ZIP 91291 GlobalPlus Compatible Water Filter.

Suits New ZIP Hydrotap Boiling, Chilled, Ambient and Sparkling Systems.

Premium Compatible Replacement.

Sub Micron (Nominal).

11,356 Litres Filtration Capacity @ 1.9 L/min.

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Reduces: *Sediment *Offensive Taste & Odour *Bacteria *Chlorine
*Benzene *Girdia & Cryptosporidum
Contains: Scale inhibition media.

Zip replacement 91291 chilled and ambient filtered water systems incorporate advanced triple action filtration to protect you and your equipment from harm and damage.

This Cartridge Filter reduces dirt, rust, sediment, chemicals, chlorine, taste & odours from your water supply while protecting you and your appliance from harm.

The superfine 5 Micron filter rating ensures that bacteria such as cryptosporidium and giardia are removed from your water supply.

The AQUA BLUE H2O AB912WF / CC-QZP91G  Zip Filter REPLACEMENT  CARTRIDGE  is produced from high quality carbon granuals.

Carbon adsorbs chemicals and chlorine from our water to ensure safe and great tasting water. Over a 12-Month period, carbon loses its ability to adsorb and needs to be replaced. For health reasons, never use carbon filters which are more than 12 months old. 

Australian/NZ Watermarked & Tested



Filter Replacement Instructions:

The Zip HydroTap notifies when filter replacement is due. The default setting is 6,000 Litres, but this can be set in increments of 1,000 Litre from 1,000 Litre to 10,000 Litres. When a filter change is due, the Change Filter light will flash white once a minute and remain so until reset. A filter status light is located between the Red and Blue Lights on the tap head assembly.

Depending on local water quality conditions and usage, the filter may require changing anywhere from 1,000 Litres to 10,000 Litres.

You may also need to replace the filter if you notice unpleasant odours or tastes.Some water may drip from the filter head (socket) during replacement. Keep a bucket and towel handy to catch drips and mop up any spills.

To change the Filter:
1. Scroll through the screen menu to “Filter Flush Off” this isolates the water supply.
2. Relieve system pressure via the filter flush stop cock, a quick open and close will do.
3. Grasp filter cartridge and twist right to left one quarter turn until it stops.
4. Ease cartridge downwards to detach it from the filter head (socket).
5. Do not tilt the cartridge as dirty water may spill from it if tilted.
6. Unpack replacement cartridge and write today’s date where shown on the label.
7. Avoid touching the filter “O” rings and filter opening as this may cause bacterial contamination of the cartridge.
8. Align cartridge tabs with the slots on the under-side of the filter head.
9. Slide cartridge upward into head and rotate left to right until it stops.
10. Locate the filter flush hose situated behind the filter cartridge and run to a container ready for flushing. Open the flush hose tap lever. On the control panel press adjust <, this will start the water flushing the cartridge. Allow at least 7.5 Ltrs of water to run through to activate the filter and then press adjust < to stop the flow.
11. Isolate the filter flush stop cock and re-fit behind the filter cartridge.
12. Wipe up any spills and dispose of spent filter cartridge and packaging thoughtfully.
13. Scroll through the menu to “Litres filtered”, press adjust < to reset litre counter. Then it asks “are you sure”. Press adjust < again to lock in the command.
14. Scroll through the menu to “Days filtered”, press adjust < to reset days counter to zero. Then it asks “are you sure”. Press adjust < again to lock in the command. After approx 10 seconds it will default to the selected mode.

Compatible with ZIP Water Filter Part # 91291 Gauranteed to fit the genuine 91291 product. 

The carbon in the filter absorbs all kinds of nasties, but only has a certain capacity to do so. Once capacity is reached, it loses it effectiveness to absorb things like chlorine which affects the taste and smell.

Important to replace every every 6-12 months! It is not advisable that a filter cartridge is used beyond its recommended life.

Filter Type:Carbon & Sediment Combination Filter.
Fits: Zip 912 filter heads
Filter micron rating: 0.5 micron
Impurities Reduction:
– Reduces Chlorine which causes bad taste and odor.
– Reduces offensive contaminants like asbestos, rust and dirt and general sediment.
– Reduces Limescale – saves energy consumption; heating elements last longer.
– Does NOT remove fluoride
Capacity: 1,250 liters / 2,900 gallons
Replacement Cycle:
– For Commercial, High Volume sites like coffee machines in a retail/restaurant environment,replace every 6 months.
– For more domestic or lower volume sites–replace every 12 months.
– Or when rated capacity of 11,355 liters is reached
– When water pressure drops below 10 psi (often due to excessive sediment which can block the filter up sooner)
– When there is an off-taste in the water
Operating temperature range: 0.6°C – 33°C
Note:Not to be used with hot water (through filter)
Installation:Must be installed vertically, using shortest possible length of tubing, with pressure reducing and check valve inline before filter. (Operating pressure 172 to 860 kPa)
Flush: at full flow for 10 minutes to purge air and clear carbon fines before use
Dimensions: 23cm (length) x 8.25cm (diameter)

Water Filter Reduces the Following Health Related Contaminants:
97.60% of Chlorine Taste and Odour
98.40% of Particulates (Class I)
96.60% of Mercury at pH 6.5
88.90% of Mercury at pH 8.5
99.30% of Lead at pH 6.5
99.40% of Lead at pH 8.5
99.99% of Cysts
98.70% of Carbofuran
99.80% of p-Dichlorobenzene
99.00% of Asbestos
96.40% of Benzene
98.60% of Turbidity


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    Reduces chlorine, pesticides, bad taste, odours, organic chemicals, dirt, rust and 99.9% Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts

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