3 Stage Under sink water filter Sediment+Resin with Alkaline

3 Stage Under sink water filter Sediment+Resin with Alkaline

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Alkaline Filter, PLV(Pressing Limiting Valve, Diverter, White Hose, Faucet, Twin Undersink housing (WH), ABPP1025,F-REN-14 UDF


Advanced Polyspun filter reducing sediment, dirt and rust particles down to 5 micron – 10 x 2.5 Inch
This Filter can be replace 3M aqua pure AP212 OR AP11S

Aqua Blue H2O Polyspun Sediment Water Filter Cartridge.
Fits in most standard 10″ drop-in filter housing systems.
Used in residential, commercial, and food-service applications as a sediment filter or pre-filter.
10 x 2.5 Sediment replacement filter 5 micron
Suits all standard 10 inch housings
Premium filtration poly spun
Suitable for countertop or undersink water filter models

Features & Benefits

• Manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene fibers
• Filters out larger dirt and rust particles
• High dirt-holding capacity and superior sediment filtration
• Excellent bacteria and chemical resistance
• Extends the life of primary filter cartridges
• 100% Polypropylene material for wide chemical compact
True multi-layered depth filtration
* Pressure drop will be determined based on feed water pressure, filter cartridge selection and port sizes, fluid viscosity, filter life and conditions.




• Model Number: ABPP1025
• Min/Max Flow: 0 – 90 Lpm
• Min/Max Temperature: 4 – 52°C
• Min/Max Pressure: 20 – 800 kPa
• Micron rating: 5 Micron
• Size: Standard 2.5” x 10”
Directions: Flush after installation for 5 minutes. For best results, change cartridge at 6 monthly intervals.
Caution: Do not use with microbiologically unsafe water without adequate disinfection.
Warning: For correct operation of this, it is essential to observe manufacturers instructions.

Resin Limescale Filter WITH UDF 10x 2.5 DROP IN FILTER


Filled with +/- 600g of DI resin and measures +/- 25cm in length x +/- 7cm in width

RO Filter Cartridge Transparent 10” Resin Filter Water Softener Ion Exchange Resin Fit All 10-inch Water Filter Housing

The AQUA BLUE H20 F-REN-14  cartridge has been developed in response to the requirements for deionized water in many industrial needs. This high-capacity, semi-conductor-grade resin cartridges are ideal for use in pharmaceutical and medical laboratories, cosmetics, and circuit board printing applications.

This cartridge is convenient and cost-effective for many applications where low levels of total organic carbon (TOC) and total dissolved solids (TDS) are required.

Common Uses

  • Window Cleaning (Streak Free)
  • Car Detailing (Spot Free Rinse)
  • Aquarium (Pure water 0 TDS for Fresh and Salt Water)
  • Drinking Water* (Remove ALL impurities) *must be used before an alkaline filter for drinking
  • Dental & Medical (Pure water for sterilisation machines)

Storage and Safety Instructions

  • Store DI Resin in the shade and do not allow the resin to dry. Keep sealed at all times. Exposure to atmospheric air will cause the Resin to convert to a carbonate form. Keep below 60°C.
  • Acid and Alkali solutions are corrosive and should be handled carefully. Prevent contact with skin and eyes. If oxidizing agents are used, safety precautions should be observed.

Alkahydrate Alkaline Water Filter


Usefully, this filter cartridge can be added to your existing water filter system, for example a Ultra High Purity Reverse Osmosis or Doulton Twin Undersink.

The AlkaHydrate filter effectively raises pH levels as well as producing antioxidant and oxygenating qualities. The filter also emits far-infrared rays which result in shorter cluster chains in the water molecules – increasing the bio-available response and oxygen absorption in the body.

Raising PH – The Alkahydrate Filter is ideal for those who are looking to reduce acidic toxic waste in the blood, tissues, and fluids of the body and thus adhere to the more alkaline state required by most human metabolic processes.

Alkaline water is not a medicine to cure any disease. The fact that alkali neutralises acid is elementary chemistry and requires no statistical analysis. Drinking alkaline water helps our body dissolve acid wastes – making it easier for the body to dispose of them safely. The accumulation of acid wastes is aging and thus reducing acid wastes reverses aging.

Adding Ionic Organic Natural Minerals

Lower ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential is the ability of water or any other media to oxidise (or more importantly – decrease the oxidation of) another substance or body. Air has a positive ORP that will oxidise metal thus causing corrosion or rust.

Any substance that oxidises essentially disintegrates. Water or a media with a negative ORP has the ability to decrease the oxidation, or prolong the life, of another substance or body. The Alkahydrate filter significantly increases the negative ORP thus enabling it to decrease the oxidation of other substances or bodies (our body in particular) by being a potent anti-oxidant.

This alkaline filter is the latest technology from the USA guaranteed to raise the alkalinity of your drinking water.

The AlkaHydrate filter raises pH levels as well as producing antioxidant and oxygenating qualities. The filter also emits far-infared rays which
result in shorter cluster chains in the water molecules – increasing the bio-available response and oxygen absorption in the body.

Benefits of using the AlkaHydrate Filter

1.     Increases the pH of the filtered water typically to between 8.5 and 9.5
2.     Changes the oxidation/reduction potential of the water (ORP) to between -100mV and -250mV.
3.     Reduces the size of the clusters of water molecules so that the water is more easily absorbed in the body.
4.     Adds to the water beneficial alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Filtered water passes through a bed of special bioceramic media balls which alkalise and ionize the water and increase the pH. Then the water passes through a blend of far infrared mineral balls. Far infrared energy is extensively used in the Far East because of its therapeutic properties. As the water passes through this media bed the water ‘picks up’ this beneficial energy and improves the structure of the water.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 30 cm
Faucet Type

Faucet A, Faucet B, Faucet C, Faucet D, Faucet E, Faucet G, Faucet I, Faucet K, Faucet L, Faucet O


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